February 22, 2009

DS picture

These are the pictures I drew at the last Drawing Session.
They're portraits of people I met.

For Tomocchi

For Thetsu.
This time I drew him as a deer. Because I drew him once at the last Sketch Crawl.

For Natsu jirushi.

Thankyou all the friends for sending the scan image that I drew.
I don't have them because I gave each person.

February 12, 2009

Drawing Session in Saitama

Drawing Session in Saitama came back here!
Tetsu, Natsujirushi, Tomocchi, and me were there.

Many painting materials.
We talked about drawing and illustrating and animating. It was very interesting. All us spent nice day.

I drew this. It's about one of the "SETSUBUN" event.
SETSUBUN; dictionary says the day before the calendrical beginning of spring.
Usually we scatter soybeans to protect us against evil.
But that event had candys and fried pork cutlet with beans. lol
Below: Pictures I got from others.
It's me!! :D

From Natsujirushi
From Tomocchi

From Tetsu
Nice drawings!!
Of course, I drew for them too.
If I get my pictures, I'll post again here.
Thankyou to everyone.