July 12, 2009

The 23rd WorldWide SketchCrawl

Yesterday, July 11th was the World Wide SketchCrawl day.
It was nice day to sketch.

Hikifune station
I've never been to Hikifune station.

This time, the place was Kirakira-Tachibana-shopping district. It seems very old place.
I joined the Tokyo team at afternoon. I was very hungy, so I ate this shop's bread and...

Una nigiri
This "Una-Nigiri". Japanese eel on the rice bowl. Very yummy.

The shrine, at the end of the district. There is my spot sketching.

all together
After sketching, we rested at a restaurant. And we see our sketches.
Many many results!!

You can see it on movie.

After a while, we change the place to Asakusa, to eat dinner.
Asakusa 03

Asahi Beer buillding.

Wind-bells are cute!
Asakusa 02

This is my result.

And Nora's portrait.
Because of the damnness in the restaurant, the photo is full of noizes. I'm sorry. >_< sc23_02

It was a nice SketchCrawl day!!

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