August 16, 2009

Comic-Con journey #2

First day:

I ate vegitarian meal at airplane, because I don't like meats. Fish is OK for me. So I ate mostly fish burger in the U.S.

My iPhone caught a mobile service automatically.
What a cool Phone it is!

Comic-Con give away book.
It seems 40th anniversary.
We can know Comic-Con history in a digest.

And also, it seems 25th Mutant Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo.
It was fun to see various artist's celebrating illustration.
I like this one.
Old TV show! I used to watch it!

I went to Stan Sakai's booth and bought 5 sketchbooks.
And got a sketch at my new sketchbook I bought at the place.
Thankyou Mr. Sakai!!
I love Usagi Yojimbo!!(Even I read only issue 3... I'm going to read more. ^^;)

And I came accross Joe Weatherly's booth.
He seems to make great animal paintings.
I became his fan though I've just known him at that time.
bought his sketchbook and signed.
Thankyou Mr.Weatherly!!

I'll look for his book on


I bought Secret Squirrel; Funko's figure 2009 Comic-Con limited!!!
I love the Squirrel the most, and very very happy getting new limited item at the Comic-Con.

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