August 29, 2009

Comic-Con journey #3

Another report of the first day (Thursday).
After going to John K.'s panel, I planned to go to Munky King's art party with Marty.
While waiting Marty and his friends, I sketched the view from convension center.
(This is the photo, the sketch was only pencil work and uncompleted...)

And I waited at the front of Ralph's SuperMarket.
It was a little scared being lonely at the night.


At last, I met my friends and thanks to Matt, Marty's sharemate we arrived at the place.
The artparty was like these.
(Official announcement and photos are here.)

Munky King's mark was there.

two girls being Body-painted with loud music.

Other livepaintings

Oh! wow! I know him, drawing tiger!!
He's Carlos Ramos, I know him as an art directer of Nickelodeon's ChalkZone!! :D
What a great experience I watched his livepainting!!
I love his own works as well as his part of the cartoon.

Though I couldn't talk to him (I was very shy!!X(
it was really great night!! ^w^

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