September 15, 2009

Comic-Con journey #4

This time I'll introduce whom I went to SDCC together from Japan.

PaintMonster's Marty Ito
and his apprentices,
Tawashi (Akiko Masuda)

They are artists from Sapporo.
I went to SDCC with Marty last year too. He knows there well, so thanks to him, I could go anywhere I want.
I traded my sketchbook with theirs.
WAO5 by Marty, Pinkest by Marina, Switch on Sketch by Tawashi.
Thankyou so much!!!

And I met Grihiru, comic artists at the Con and LA.
They usually acting at Saitama, near to my country. So I'd already met them before this journey.
Their Sketchbook. Thankyou!!

and Misa Tsutsui was a Grihiru's friend from Tokyo.
She is an illustrator and gave me sketchbook and portfolio.(Wow!)
Thankyou so much!!
I enjoyed the travel with them, great artists.

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