September 23, 2009

homapge updating

It has been 5 consecutive holidays.
the first day was the SketchCrawl day.
the Second day I brought my squirrel to the vet.
the Third and 4th, I made paintings.
Now, posting it on my blog and my homapage updating.

"Racoon Brothers"
They are similar like brothers, Racoon and Racoon Dog.


Jackson said...

Hi Maki. Thanks for your kind words on sketchcrawl. I appreciate it much. I really like your sketchbook work! The painting sketch of the squirrel eating a nut is fantastic! Keep making more lovely art work.

kuro-risu(Maki) said...


Ohh! Thankyou for your comment and welcome my blog! Your sketchbook was really awesome. Now I visited your blog, there are also too much great works!
And thankyou very much your kind words too. I'm glad you like my squirrel work.