January 25, 2012

34th World Wide SketchCrawl

I went Akasaka for SketchCrawl 34th.
It was so cold rainy day!!
I'm sorry that I couldn't sketch outside. Hieda shrine was so beutiful, but I was stuck inside a Cafe. ^^;



Also, I sketched people in the subway.
I drew them as squirrels. You may think it's strange but it's the usual way for me.
By the way, I found that January 21st was the Squirrel Appreciation Day.

ssktch_sc3 ssktch_sc4

January 24, 2012

Hassaku & Buntan ref sheet

Hassaku and Buntan ref sheet

designs of my characters.
 species:Hondo-gitsune (Japanese Red Fox)
 gender: male
 like: fishing and hunting
 favorite food: meat

 species: Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog)
 gender: male
 like: eating. Normaly he eats everything he can get.
 favorite food: mushrooms

They picked up by bear mother in their childfood. They grew up and living near the mom in satoyama; woods near the village.

Nutty Cream Donut

2D+3D animation I made for school task.

squirrel characters

kurorisu and friends

I made some friends for Kurorisu.
 I think she's going to squirrel school that there are international students from the world.

I've not decided their names yet.
 from the left;

Indian Palm Squirrel he's good at study,
 Eastern Chipmunk she's active for sports or music
 Japanese squirrel is Kurorisu
 English Red Squirrel she's good friend of Kuro
 California Ground Squirrel he's gentle chubby guy


He is Swinhoe's Striped Squirrel.
 I know Swinhoe is the name who discovered this species but I think it fits squirrel name, don't you think so?

Swinhoe's Striped Squirrels are in China, Myanmar and Viet Nam.


Ferret by kuro-risu
Ferret, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

They're cute!

January 12, 2012

New Year's greeting and more!

Happy New Year 2012


If  you want to read the caption about the pictures, please click. Each link to the Flickr page with some captions.

Hassaku and Buntan

snowball fight!

Mohi party

Mochitsuki Accident