May 4, 2012

Ueno zoo with Henrieke and Karpour

I met Henrieke and Karpour (Thomas) on last Monday at Ueno zoo.
They're visiting to Japan!

It was a little surprizing: I though ringtail lemurs are favorite of Henrieke, but she seemed to love much aye-ayes!!

Ueno zoo has lots of Madagascar animals.

And my favorite is squirrels! This is a Prevost's squirrel.

Because it was nice and fun, I totaly forgot taking photos. so I have photos just a little.
We gathered in a cafe. My sketchers friends are also coming and drew many things.

Thankyou so much friends!
I hope you enjoy the rest of  the trip.

Henrieke gave me:
gift sketches01
gift sketches03

Thomas gave me:
gift sketches02

It was awesome for not only seeing their amazing sketches but got them!!

By the way, Thomas writing about the day on his blog.
Again, thank you!!!

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