April 5, 2012

Piccolo Geographic

Piccolo Geographic by kuro-risu
Piccolo Geographic, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

Facebook Cover Art for Suzuta Norifumi, the photographer of Piccolo Geographic.

You can see amazing nature photographs from Sendai, Japan.

Chihuahua wedding card

Chihuahua wedding card by kuro-risu
Chihuahua wedding card, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

An illustration of wedding card for my friend.

Prevost's squirrel

Prevost's squirrel by kuro-risu
Prevost's squirrel, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

I tried a painting-like digitalart.
Prevost's squirrels are beautiful.
in Japan we call them Mikerisu means "calico squirrel".

Wanna throw this?

Wanna throw this? by kuro-risu
Wanna throw this?, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

They look in such pleasant when they have sticks.
It seems thats are something tresure for dogs.


bunnies by kuro-risu
bunnies, a photo by kuro-risu on Flickr.

I draw bunnies my friends own.
'cause they are so cute.

zoo sketch

I went to Omiya Park zoo.

zoo sketch zoo sketch zoo sketch

(the Lion was at another zoo)

Though it was a small zoo, there were such rare animal like hyena (Crocuta crocuta) and wildcats ( Felis bengalenis bengalenis, Felis bengalenis euptilura ).

sketch play space

This is in Omiya Park.
Small amusement spot for kids.
I don't know how old it was but it looks like to survive for some generations.