October 16, 2008

sketch: Tiger

Some animal sketches from photo book.
("Animal World" photo by Kojo Tanaka)

..."wild Pikachu" is joke. hahaha.


maisy said...

im working on bieng an artis by trying to copy pics of google imiges.I like this tiger one!

kuro-risu(Maki) said...


Hi. I've never knew such work. Is it fun? And thankyou for you like my sketches.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is fun and iv got this big folder of drawings, but there not as good as the ones on this websit!

maisy said...

sorry i said anonymous!

kuro-risu(Maki) said...


Oh, it's ok. I undestand you.
Is that mean a folder with so many drawings you have? Wow. Sounds interesting.

WITLEEU said...


I think U have a wonderful talent. Keep it up.

I do Wallpapers- see my blog:


kuro-risu(Maki) said...


Thankyou so much your comment.
I saw your blog, it was very colorful and fun.