May 29, 2012



Meerkat drawing.

May 25, 2012

various dogs

various dogs

various dogs in poses

dachshund, german shepherd, kishu, english springer spaniel, shetland sheepdog, labrador retreaver, bulldog

May 4, 2012

Ueno zoo with Henrieke and Karpour

I met Henrieke and Karpour (Thomas) on last Monday at Ueno zoo.
They're visiting to Japan!

It was a little surprizing: I though ringtail lemurs are favorite of Henrieke, but she seemed to love much aye-ayes!!

Ueno zoo has lots of Madagascar animals.

And my favorite is squirrels! This is a Prevost's squirrel.

Because it was nice and fun, I totaly forgot taking photos. so I have photos just a little.
We gathered in a cafe. My sketchers friends are also coming and drew many things.

Thankyou so much friends!
I hope you enjoy the rest of  the trip.

Henrieke gave me:
gift sketches01
gift sketches03

Thomas gave me:
gift sketches02

It was awesome for not only seeing their amazing sketches but got them!!

By the way, Thomas writing about the day on his blog.
Again, thank you!!!

35th SketchCrawl in Nezu, Tokyo

It was SketchCrawl at 21th April.
I joined Yanaka and Nezu shrine course.

The shrine's wall and carps in a moat.

Yanaka - Nezu08

While I was drawing this, many people spoke to me. They seem to like my sketch!! Yay!

The street front of the shrine.


I love this donut, it's modeled on a tail of a cat.

Yanaka - Nezu05

There are many pretty stores. I love them very much and drew some.

Tsukudani shop; food boiled down in soy and simmerd shellfish.

baked karintou shop; a small sugar-coated sticks.

Many Tokyo sketchers' takes together.
Yanaka - Nezu06

Also, I've done more weird pieces of sketches in the train.
ssktch_sc5 ssktch_sc6