January 11, 2009

21st WorldWide SketchCrawl

January 10th World Wide SketchCrawl Day. Wow!
I joined the SketchCrawl at Kamakura.
It was the beautiful day to sketch.

These are some photos I took.

And my sketches:

People praying at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.

Yuigahama seashore.
There're many surfers in the sea.
I wondered if they're cold in water.

Several sketches of the seashore. I love the sea! :D
There were some crows and kites.

Cute shoes shop!

Trading with Tetsu.
Left one is I drew for Tetsu. It's his portrait.
Right one is I got from him. Because I love squirrels, requested him to draw. :D
He drew for me cute, furry bunny-like squirrel. (the model is my pet.. :P ) Thankyou!!


Ken said...

Ahh Maki-san, some truly terrific sketches. I especially like the first one, showing some architecture and perspective, and the last "drawing exchange" between you and Tetsu-san. What wonderful sketches!!!

kurorisu(Maki) said...


Hi! Thankyou for your comment! And sorry for my late reply. It was really busy days for my job.
Thankyou! It was difficult drawing perspective of such complicated structure.
Tetsu-san liked trading one too. That's really glad for me.