December 23, 2010


Originally uploaded by kuro-risu
a practice for realistic animal art 002.
model is my friend's cat "Funyan".
I've got advices for some structural problem and being too rough at painting fur. I should make the best use of them at next time!


They are the models of my practice. Thankyou!


ケン said...

I like the area where the fur bunches up, around his (her?) right back leg, and also the tail. Your abilities are really impressive Maki-san! Maybe next time I'm in Japan you can show me how you paint the fur so well, unless that is top secret = ). Your friend's cats are cute!

kuro-risu(Maki) said...

Ken san

I'm glad you like this picture. Yes you may see more clear when not on PC monitor. I hope you will come to Japan again and sketchcrawl togather.