May 4, 2012

35th SketchCrawl in Nezu, Tokyo

It was SketchCrawl at 21th April.
I joined Yanaka and Nezu shrine course.

The shrine's wall and carps in a moat.

Yanaka - Nezu08

While I was drawing this, many people spoke to me. They seem to like my sketch!! Yay!

The street front of the shrine.


I love this donut, it's modeled on a tail of a cat.

Yanaka - Nezu05

There are many pretty stores. I love them very much and drew some.

Tsukudani shop; food boiled down in soy and simmerd shellfish.

baked karintou shop; a small sugar-coated sticks.

Many Tokyo sketchers' takes together.
Yanaka - Nezu06

Also, I've done more weird pieces of sketches in the train.
ssktch_sc5 ssktch_sc6


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Quite excellent and well done drawings you've made here!

kuro-risu(Maki) said...

Thankyou!! I'm practicing sketching scenaries. :)